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Standard Coaching And Consulting
Vendor Request/Consultation (call for appointment)
Who Do You Think You Are - CHOSEN SPECIAL - $225
Once you have scheduled this paid session you will be sent a link to complete your personality profile. Make sure you have completed this analysis prior to the session or go ahead and reschedule when it's complete. (Please make sure you give me at least 24 hours) A zoom link will be sent to you also.

Client Appointment Request

One time - DISC - 1 Hour Coaching Session with Dr. Steen - $250
This coaching session can be regarding any specific topic and if it leads to a coaching package the fee will be discounted off the total cost.

Complimentary Consultation

The 8-Minute Impact for My Organization
This 30-Minute Consultation is with Dr. Sandra Steen
Please call (210) 995-5426 at your scheduled time
Dr. Steen Fix My Team! (call for appointment)
Spend 15 Minutes with Dr. Steen and determine the tools and resources that could help your team function with higher yields of results and increased success!
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